Our Story

To create art in automotive form. To create expressions of amazement when our kids hear a Big Block Rumble.. To create a love for cars again, to appreciate their timelessness not just that MPG. To create moments of exhilaration while cruising, burning rubber or just staring at an old school muscle car. Our goal is to create together. 

How it all started:
Our Humble background starts on the small island of Puerto Rico. Vincent Varela Sr.; Our founder & father started his first shop in his home back garage at the age of 17. Always with a love for cars he would work the pineapple fields during the day and race whenever he would get the chance. With his 66 Chevy II “White Thunder” and red 68 Camaro with white interior, I might say, he held many local titles. He married his high school sweetheart in 1982. 1984 presented itself with a work opportunity and they decided to venture out… out to Atlanta to be exact. Sr opened his first body shop in the states in 1988 and since with his hard work, persistence, drive to provide the most for his customers Vincent has then created that same name known back in the pineapple fields.

 Many Years later, Children grew and after training as teenagers at what we called “boot camp” (dad’s shop) we headed out to the corporate side of the collision industry; While dad stayed and kept pushing forward the little shop. We would work weekends and evenings to help where we could; but always feeling that call to stay; for work with purpose; something family driven.  

We would venture out to car shows, meet new people and see the deception of other shops, covering up bad repairs or being paid and never finishing the task. We needed to provide for our brothers who shared that common love for cars. We knew we could help, but dad was the only one.
Many of us dreamt of coming back, and after many Sunday conversions at Mom’s dinner table, we took that leap of faith. Leaving good jobs and incomes for something larger. A sense of pride and honor. An example; A legacy we can one day leave our children. An acknowledgement to brotherhood; stand as a beacon of family values and perseverance in today's day and time. Lead a good fight against not just doing what is easy, but what is right for our customers. Providing something that money can't buy; honor & Integrity.